Welcome welcome welcome... no, I'm just kidding! Anyways... I just realized that since I am going back to school (NEWSFLASH!) this year, I will not be able to be on a computer for as much time as I would like. So I am going to start posting Tips of the Day and Picture of the day and stuff like that. So in one of the most recent Minecraft snapshots or updates or whatever you want to call them, they introduced this thing that makes it a lot easier to craft things. And by the way(I know you don't start a sentence with "And" but I had to.) It is personally my favorite except for when they added a new texture for charcoal. When you are in a crafting table or your inventory you can hold right click and hover over the squares that you want filled with only one block. If you hold left click while doing that it will distribute all of the materials evenly as shown below. I do hope that I will be able to keep this thing running but I may have to drop it for a while, as I get settled back into school seeing that it is my first time actually GOING to school in like five years. So thanks for stopping by and come again for some more posts.
New crafting "glitch"
See I told you it was awesome


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