The Redstone Update came out on the 13th of March. A very long wait from the last update but worth it! There were 16 new items, 9 of them being redstone related and 7 being quartz items. There were 6 new blocks 5 of them being quartz, chiseled quartz, quartz pillars, quartz stairs, quartz slabs, and redstone blocks. I would just like to say that I think everybody who plays minecraft is grateful for the making of redstone blocks. There is SOO much redstone that you could fill chests upon chests with it but now you

can compact it into blocks. Now lets go through the redstone items. First there are droppers. They look kinda like dispensers but the front is a little different. It basically is a dispenser as far as I can tell except for it just drops items. I dont really see a difference but Im sure I missed something so if I did please comment below. Next are the weighted pressure plates. There are two of them. Iron and gold. You cannot activate them by stepping on them so you have to put an item on it. The hoppers are very very useful. It is shaped like a cone and there is an opening at the top and bottom. If you drop an item into the top of it the item will enter the hopper and go into one of the four slots available. Four slots may seem like too few but you can stack items. I also noticed that if the the hopper is next to a power source it will not allow items into it. So you can make an automatic mob killer that loads chests for you. There are 2 new mine carts: TNT cart and hopper cart. The TNT cart is activated when it goes over the new activator rail which we will get to in a minute. The mine cart with a hopper is useful for mining. You can make items fall into it and then go or you could just use a hopper on top of a mine cart with a chest and have more area to store. The activator rail does just what it says. It activates things like TNT. Next we will discuss the quartz side of the update. There is a little bit of a new twist to this. The ore is not found in Minecraftia. It is found in the nether. The ore is made of netherack with white streaks. It will give you shards of quartz that you can use to make blocks of quartz or chiseled quartz and pillars of quartz and stairs and slabs of quartz. The stairs have all the same functions as normal ones like you can put them upside down and stuff like that. I will be making a video on this so stay tuned for that. Ill try to post a little more often than I have been. I got a bunch of new pictures today of the new Flint Hills server. 



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