NOTE:I apologize, I have not posted in 5 months. I had no access to a computer so I had this draft in here. It is not completely done but I will just post it because there needs to be something. This post refers to early snapshots and all the info is not up to date. I will make more posts as if they were from that time and the information will correspond to the snapshot or update it is about. 

I have been holding off on doing posts about snapshots because there is not really enough to talk about in one snapshot. What I think I am going to do is do 2 or 3 snapshots at a time. That being said, lets get talking about these snapshots! I have to say I am really excited about the new features that are coming. There are lots of new features, blocks, mobs, textures and lots of really neat stuff. Now lets get into the fun stuff, lets talk about the new launcher. In snapshot 13w16a Mojang introduced a brand new launcher for Minecraft. The new launcher looks amazing. It has a version changer on it so you no longer have to download the Minecraft Version Changer. There are 3 different tabs that you can look at in the login screen: the Update Notes, Development Console, and the Local Version editor. Now if you ask me the other tabs are useless, but that is me... These other tabs have coding stuff and it is significant but as far as I can tell not of any use unless you know code and are interested in that stuff. It also has a Service status area. It tells you whether or not multiplayer is working, and whether or not you will be able to log in. Right now when you download the program it is called MinecraftDev, but I am sure that when it is fully developed it will be changed. 
I think that the next thing is maybe one of the most exciting ones. Horses. Horses have been long overdue. In a game like Minecraft people have wanted horses to travel to new biomes, go into battle, and much more. They have armor which can be iron, gold or diamond. They have leads which you can guide them with and also attach them to fenceposts. I have always wanted to tie my horse on the outside of a western saloon and walk into the bar in multiplayer... Just an example of something people have wanted to do with horses.. Anyways.. They have their own inventory too. Earlier on you just right clicked to put a saddle on it but now you must get on it and enter the inventory to put it on. The armor is put on the same way. Hay bales were also added. I believe that you are able to feed horses with them but I am not sure. I could not find that anywhere. If I am wrong please let me know. Carpets are another thing that a lot of people have wanted. Something to cover up your messy floor. They are crafted the same way as pressure plates. You remember when you got respiration to kill squids or collect sand or clay and then you noticed that it was way to dark and you can't use torches underwater? Well, no more, the respiration enchantment now helps with lighting underwater. 
The new launcher
The new launcher.
The new coal block is very useful. It is crafted just like redstone blocks or lapis lazuli blocks and you can put it in a furnace as fuel. Previously you could not obtain hay bales or leads in survival so crafting recipes for leads and hay bales were added as well. Also horses armor were added to items found in dungeons. 



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