New snapshot Yay! There should be one more snapshot before the big redstone update that we have all been waiting for. It will most likely be out by next week. Until then there is another snapshot based on more bug fixes. There are a couple of them that I understand.... The rest are using big words like GUI and entity. But anyways when you are riding a mine cart or a pig or any type of transport that you are in you can quit the game and when you log on again you will still be on your transportation device. Also "Mobs can now ride stuff that rides other stuff ." So I guess that means that a pig can ride a spider jockey or another pig.. I think. Do you remember when you would change your texture pack and it would take forever for it to load? Well it will happen no longer. We are thinking about doing some LAN parties. If you don't know what that is it is a party where people that live in the same area get together and play in the same place and actually interact. Also we may do some other minecraft related meetings so we'll keep you posted on that.


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